WOZA 2010

World Cup 2010 Official Poster

World Cup 2010 Official logo


The official mascot of the 2010 World Cup is a green haired Jaguar named Zakumi. The name ‘Zakumi’ is a composition of ‘ZA’ standing for South Africa and ‘kumi’, which translates into ‘10′ in various languages across Africa.

He loves to play football as it is a great way to connect with others and break down language barriers. Zakumi is a jolly, self-confident, adventurous, spontaneous, and actually quite shrewd little fellow. He loves to perform and always follows his instinct and intuition, yet sometimes has the tendency to exaggerate a bit. You will often find him fooling about and teasing people but not in a mean way. He is warm-hearted and caring, and wants to make as many friends as possible.



The Teams

Below are some but not all of the teams that will be at the 2010 World Cup

South Africa

The hosts of the World Cup with their Makarapa and Vuvuzela on display. “Bafana Bafana”, readable in the glasses, is South Africa’s team nickname and it means “The Boys”.


The USA is sailing to victory in the national boat, the E Pluribus Unum (USA’s motto means: from many, one, as the country is formed by many originally independent states). The poster is based on the “crossing of Delaware. The 1950 engraved in the boat refers to that year’s World Cup, when they won a game against England, in a great upset.


No explanation necessary


Fernando Torres is ready to fight all opposing bulls, it doesn’t matter if they are German, Italian or Brazilian. Spain’s nickname (La Furia Roja) is on the red cape he has in his hand.


Christiano Ronaldo’s fancy footwork… no comment


The Flying Dutchmen


Javier Aguirre (coach) is standing tall over his players. There is an Aztec theme and the team nickname (El Tri) is apparent in a banner.


A Japanese samurai in front of Japan’s flag. He’s cutting through Cameroon’s, Denmark’s, and Netherland’s jerseys, as they’re the rivals Japans has to face in the first round. Maybe Drogba’s arm should have been included.

Ivory Coast

Didier Drogba and Les Éléphants (the team nickname) carry the hopes of the African continent


The Italian gladiators are going to fight before they give away their current position as World Champions.


Mickael Essien, the star of “The Black Stars” (the team’s nickname) is sporting the national flag while the crowd cheers. Unfortunately Essien will be missing the Cup due to an injury.


Team captain Ballack has the names of great German players attached to his arms. It’s a satire of Germany’s emblem. The three stars on the top represent the team’s wins in the World Cup (all by West Germany).


In front of the Arc de Triomphe, the three musketeers are crossing swords. They’re dressed in the colors of the french flag. Henry’s hand is highlighted because of the controversy in the game against Ireland, that granted France’s participation in the World Cup.


1966 is the only time England’s won the World Cup. Where is Rio Ferdinand, the team captain? Why is England represented by three white players?


Word play with coach Morten Olsen’s (in the middle) name and the Ocean’s Eleven movie. Why are all of the black players represented as silhouettes in the background and the white players in the front? Strange isn’t it?


Samuel Eto, who recently won the UEFA Champions League with Inter Milan, is featured in this poster. The lions behind him refer to the team’s nickname: Les Lions Indomptables (The Indomitable Lions).


Kaka’s represented in the middle of the poster holding a star. The stars over the team’s shield are a reference to Brazil’s five wins in the World Cup, the message being “We want the sixth, here we come”.


This poster pays homage to the “boxing kangaroo”, a popular personification of Australia.


Argentina’s poster depicts Leo Messi, Argentina’s star, and current holder of the FIFA World Player, Balon D’Or and maximum scorer in Europe.The two trophy’s coming up from the stadiums are a reference to Argentina’s World Cup wins in 1978 & 1986.

One Response to “WOZA 2010”

  1. pxsimil June 12, 2010 at 11:44 am #

    Interesting. I like what you have to say about
    England and Denmark. Before I read the captions,
    I was thinking there was something wrong
    w/ the pictures. Graphics wise, my fave is Cameroon.
    For meaning, I choose Brazil. I don’t like Australia’s

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